About Us

IMD Films was established over a decade ago with the clear goal of providing worldwide distribution
for independent and low-budget feature films. With a special focus on independent filmmakers
operating outside of the major Hollywood studio system, IMD has spent the last ten years
forging and maintaining relationships with filmmakers, producers, foreign distribution
companies, and leading cable, satellite, telco, and online distribution partners. Through its
relationships with theaters, retailers, wholesalers, studios, VOD operators and more, IMD can
provide your film with direct access to over 100 million North American homes, and more than 1
billion homes worldwide.

Everyone at IMD loves films, and we all love what we do. We look forward to your inquiries
regarding representation of all your properties.

Our Team

Sean Skelding, Founder/CEO

With a lifelong passion for film, it was inevitable that Sean would seek a career in the
entertainment industry. Sean’s career began in 1987 as Security/Assistant Tour Manager for
Beaver Productions (Bon Jovi, Mötley Crüe, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Michael Jackson,
ZZ Top, U2).

In 1992 Sean moved to LA and became a member of IATSE Local 44 and worked on dozens of
feature films and tv shows, including: Terminator 2; Free Willy; Maverick; Independence Day;
Party of Five; and many more). In 1999 Sean moved back to Portland, OR, and created
www.cinemazone.com, an e-commerce website dealing in movies and movie merchandise and

Expanding on a successful theme, in 2001 Sean created Cheezy Flicks Entertainment to
specialize in the distribution of obscure and vintage B-movies on DVD. Shortly thereafter Sean
established IMD to represent the more mainstream titles seeking distribution. Today IMD and
Cheezy Flicks Entertainment represent over 350 films worldwide.

Greg Beber, Esq., President/Legal Affairs

Now a serial entrepreneur rather than a practicing attorney, Greg is licensed in Oregon, Nevada,
New York, and Florida. Greg worked in film production prior to law school, and while in private
practice Greg specialized in trademark, copyright, and entertainment law. Greg oversees all
business and legal affairs for IMD.

Jamie Chvotkin, VP Domestic and Digital Sales

Jamie specializes in domestic markets and digital distribution of properties. Jamie’s career in
distribution began when he co-founded www.filmbaby.com, an e-commerce site offering films for
sale and download. While at Filmbaby, Jamie was instrumental in procuring rights for thousands
of film titles. In 2010 Jamie began working for the Annenberg Foundation, where he was
responsible for worldwide marketing and distribution of their catalog of over 200 films.! !
Jamie has successfully negotiated licensing deals for Internet, TV/VOD and DVD distribution,
and maintains strong relationships with major content partners including Apple, Amazon,
Comcast, YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Lionsgate, Syfy, Gravitas, Abramorama, Warner Bros, E1,
Redbox, Best Buy, Regal Cinema, 20th Century Fox Home Video, TUGG, VHX, Crackle, AEC
Distribution, Sundance Channel, IFC, DirecTV, Google Play, Amazon, Indemand, Allied Vaughn,
and Avail-TVN.